Jim Scott, Jr. Vice President and Jim Scott Sr. Founder and President of Seco Seals

About Us

Seco Seals was started in 1969 specializing in the manufacture and sale of Conical Seals for 37 degree flared tube fittings. Jim Scott, Sr. helped develop the Conical Seal in the late 1950’s.

Today Seco Seals still manufactures and sells the SECO7 as well as other metal tube fitting gaskets. Seco Seals is the world leader in specialty manufacturing of high pressure tube fitting gaskets for aerospace flight applications.

Seco Seals plans to expand its capabilities for “build to print” sealing solutions for extreme pressure and temperature applications. Seco Seals products are usually made of  the highest quality metal foils between .002” and .015”.

As a ISO-9001-2000 certified gasket manufacturer, Seco Seals plans to continue its 43 year record of 100% inspection and reliability of its products.  We believe our quality and customer service are essential in helping to make our customer’s products 100% reliable.

Seco Seals gaskets are designed to work 100% of the time, never wear out or need replacing in most situations.  Make Seco Seals your choice for gasket applications.

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